Customer Experience (CX) Platform

Access a suite of digital tools and systems that allow contact centres to efficiently manage customer interactions and provide personalised, secure and intuitive customer experiences.

Oration is a CX platform that simplifies managing a contact centre. 

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What is a Customer Experience (CX) platform?

A Customer Experience (CX) platform is a comprehensive set of digital tools and systems designed to create and manage modern contact centres. These platforms include call routing, telephony and digital tools for agent-customer interactions, workforce management and quality assurance tools and desktop interfaces for integrating third-party data.

The call routing feature automatically directs callers to the best outcome for their query, while telephony and digital tools facilitate clear communication and enable agents to address customer enquiries efficiently. Workforce management and quality assurance tools optimise agent performance and ensure a consistent customer journey.


CX Platform


By integrating third-party data sources such as CRM software, agents can access valuable customer information to provide a personalised service. A CX platform enables organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints, making it a powerful tool for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does it work in a contact centre environment?

When integrated into a contact centre environment, a Customer Experience (CX) Platform like Oration can improve the customer journey by allowing callers to reach their desired outcome quickly and easily. Oration seamlessly integrates with existing tools and enhances contact centre capabilities using AI-powered speech recognition technology. Callers can speak naturally and Oration can understand their intent and offer tailored solutions. The platform's intuitive interface enables contact centre professionals to manage and fine-tune the customer experience without requiring specialist IT or speech technology skills.

What makes Oration different?

Oration uses voice biometrics to securely identify callers and provide personalised experiences based on their previous interactions with the contact centre. Contact centre administrators can easily manage and fine-tune the customer experience through an intuitive digital interface. With these powerful capabilities, Oration's CX platform enables contact centres to provide efficient, personalised and secure customer service, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and contact centre performance.

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