At Convai, we’ve spent 20 years asking ourselves how we can make contact centres run better and then deliver the solutions that our industry needs. These resources are designed to help you learn more about our AI-powered contact centre technology – and how it can transform your business.

Major financial institution gains flexibility, adaptability and control

Learn how a major financial institution updates its IVR platform without impacting its existing contact centre operations or compromising the service...

How a leading Australian retailer improved efficiencies in their contact centre

Download our leading Australian retailer case study and learn how Oration helped achieve a reduction of up to 30 seconds in average call handling times.

Panasonic Australia reduced contact centre operation costs by 25%

Download our Panasonic Australia case study and learn how Oration helped simplify the complexities of customer segments and experience a number of benefits as a result.

Oration Product Brochure

Download the Oration product brochure and learn about the features and benefits and how this speech recognition technology works.

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