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Enables business users rather than IT or third party vendors to build, manage and advance their telephone contact customer experience. Powered by the most up-to-date artificial intelligence (Al) technology, Oration is a cloud-based call routing plug-in.

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About Oration

About Oration

One of the biggest challenges faced by contact centres is working out how to make operations run more efficiently while, at the same time, improving the quality of the customer experience by delivering faster resolutions. Today, contact centres of every size can achieve the best of these two worlds without investing huge amounts of time and money in upfront infrastructure development – and you don’t need to be a tech expert to make it happen either.

Powered by the most up-to-date artificial intelligence (Al) technology, Oration by Convai is a cloud-based call routing plug-in that can reduce the Average Handling Time for your contact centre agents, politely deflect unnecessary calls, and impress your customers by starting with one simple question: “How can I help you today?“.

What is Oration?

Developed by Convai, after two decades of industry experience gaining deep insights into contact centre processes and best practices, Oration is a game-changer for your customer experience and operational efficiency. Choosing our solution isn’t about starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel in your contact centre. For complete platform independence, Oration is designed to be implemented over the top of your existing technology infrastructure, so your contact centre can start reaping the benefits within a matter of hours.

Once you’re ready to go, Oration greets callers using the latest generation of speech recognition technology alongside Convai’s Al language interpreter to determine caller intent and fast-track your customers’ calls to the most appropriate outcome.

Oration is a cost-effective and easy to install solution, which is what makes it accessible for even the smallest contact centres right through to the largest. Our subscription pricing model is purely based on your call volumes – you only pay for what you use – you can sign up for the Oration plug-in and configure its features to your contact centre’s needs with or without Convai’s help – you choose what works best for you.

How does Oration work and what makes it different?

Traditional call routing systems use generalised numbered menus which means callers aren’t always offered the most appropriate option for their query. At the same time, more conventional systems can’t prepare agents with specific information about the call before they pick up. These limitations often result in extended call handling times and poor overall experiences, especially when callers find themselves being passed from one agent to another or listening to irrelevant banner messages.

By answering calls with the simple question “How can I help?”, Oration’s advanced technology tackles one of the most common contact centre pain points because it understands the nature of a call and how to deal with it using your customer’s natural verbal response. While there will always be calls that only an agent can handle, Oration also brings a range of intelligent automated handling options that can effectively resolve all kinds of customer calls without agent intervention.

Oration how can help you

The ways Oration can advance your contact centre

By bringing together the latest technologies, Oration can transform your contact centre into a more dynamic operation that’s easy to manage and adapt. With several sophisticated features, Oration will ensure your contact centre stays ahead of the curve through productivity gains, increased efficiency, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Discover our features

C_icon_Features_Advanced speech recognition Advanced Speech Recognition

Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) enables natural spoken language to be interpreted and converted into text, so it can be used to apply caller intents and extract information.

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C_icon_Features_Ongoing supervised learning Ongoing Supervised Learning

By surfacing caller responses to an administrator, ongoing supervised learning helps the ASR system learn how best to match intents with the language used by callers. 

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C_icon_Features_Intelligent-call-routing Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) ensures huge volumes of calls received by contact centres are quickly matched to the right outcome every time.

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C_icon_Features_Contact-centre-agent-view Contact Centre Agent View
With contact centre agents able to see what a caller has said before they pick up a call, they’re well prepared to quickly resolve queries without asking callers to repeat information.
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C_icon_Features_Graphical-user-interface-dashboard Graphical User Interface Dashboard

Graphical User Interface Dashboard allows contact centres to build and manage different customer journeys and generate insightful reports on the entire call routing solution.

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C_icon_Features_Reporting-insights Reporting Insights
The Reporting Insights feature offered by Oration allows contact centre professionals to view and analyse call statistics to gain deeper insights such as top caller intents and AHT.
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CX Platform CX Platform
Your Customer Experience (CX) platform brings together the agent telephony, CRM, and all the digital tools you need to interact with callers either via phone or chat.
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Voice Verification Voice Verification
By simply saying their account or phone number, customers can use their pre-enrolled voiceprint to securely access their account or self-service over the phone.
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Automated KYC Verification Automated KYC Verification
Oration can automatically ask and confirm identification questions without agent involvement and can integrate Voice Verification technology to match callers with their stored voiceprint.
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Transcription Transcription

Oration’s highly effective language model recognises customers’ natural language and creates an accurate transcription, so the correct intent is applied and key information is extracted.

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Features Identify Identify

Oration’s highly effective language model recognises customers’ natural language and creates an accurate transcription, so the correct intent is applied and key information is extracted.

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C_icon_Features_Survey_small Survey
Survey by Oration allows you to create your own voice-based surveys as part of the caller experience, giving you more reliable insights.
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Features__Reception Receptionist
Oration’s Receptionist can take the hard work out of handling incoming calls, automatically connecting callers with the right person or department.
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Features__Photo uploads Photo uploads
Photo uploads enable a caller to upload photos at any stage of the customer journey to enhance their customer experience and reduce handling times.
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All the reasons to start using Oration today

Low Implementation Cost

Designed for ‘plug and play’, the hard work has already been done, so you’ll avoid the hefty upfront development costs usually associated with implementing call routing systems.

Improves the customer experience
Based on natural language responses, Oration directs customers to the most appropriate outcome the first time reducing the time it takes to reach a resolution.
Reduces Operational Costs
Directing customer queries to the most appropriate solution or agent every time reduces the number of calls reaching agents and average handling times.
Offer Self Service
Greeting callers with a simple open question opens the door to a huge range of self-service options that can be created for your callers.
Identify callers
Oration allows you to fully identify callers before agents pick up the phone, reducing AHT and increasing engagement.
Quick to implement
Pre-built to be used over the top of your existing infrastructure, so it can be installed and configured for use within a matter of hours.
Easy to manage and configure
From switching on new features like self-service options to adapting targeted banners, Oration is designed for anyone to use, regardless of IT proficiency.
Complete platform independence
As an independent cloud solution, you can make changes to, or even replace your infrastructure without impacting the performance of your call routing system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions, click on the + for each to see the answers.

  • What is IVR?
    IVR stands for ‘interactive voice response’. It is an automated phone system that allows collection of information from callers in order to route their call, or provide self-service to contacting on the phone channel. IVR may use voice response or the keypad to interact with callers.
  • How does IVR work?
    IVR systems have pre-recorded messages to answer caller questions and use menu options via touch-tone keypad selection or speech recognition to route calls to relevant departments.
  • What is an IVR example?
    An IVR example includes calling a business and hearing “press 1 for customer service”, “press 2 for sales” and “press 0 to speak to an operator”. Once you key in your choice, your call is then routed to the extension, and you are either greeted by further voice recordings or a human operator.
  • How can voice verification help in a contact centre?
    Voice verification enables a customer’s voiceprint to be used as the security key to their account. Voice verification removes the need for contact centre agents to ask questions to validate a customer’s identity. This not only saves companies time and money but means the experience is faster and more convenient for callers.
  • What is KYC?

    KYC stands for 'know your customer'. KYC regulations require contact centres to accurately confirm they are speaking with the person a caller claims to be, which requires a high level of due diligence. Automated KYC Verification makes a fast and definitive confirmation without agent involvement.

  • How much time does automated KYC save?
    Automated KYC verification can be performed in seconds. Automated KYC verification makes a fast and definitive confirmation without agent involvement and can be configured to use voice verification technology to match callers with their stored voiceprint.
  • Is KYC a legal requirement in Australia?
    If you are a reporting entity, you must apply customer identification procedures to all your customers.
  • What are the advantages of automated intelligent call routing?
    1. A reduction in waiting times
    2. Elimination of time wastage and reduces costs
    3. Improves personalisation and customer satisfaction
    4. Increases first contact resolution
  • What is a CX platform?
    A customer experience (CX) platform refers to all the tools and systems in place to create and manage the modern contact centre. The platform includes call routing which directs callers to the best outcome for their query, the agent telephony and digital tools which enable agents to interact with callers either via phone or chat, workforce management tools, quality assurance tools to optimise agent performance and the customer journey, and a desktop interface that allows agents to link to third party data such as CRM software.
  • What is CX used for?
    CX is used to monitor how a business engages with its customers at any point of the customer journey with the aim being to improve customer experience metrics that have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line.
  • What is an example of a CX platform?
    Genesys Cloud, NICE CXOne, Amazon Connect are examples of CX platforms. Oration helps enhance these platforms by making it easy to deploy natural language solutions that route calls, enable automation and digital deflection.
  • What is CX vs UX?
    CX stands for customer experience. UX stands for user experience. CX encompasses all the customer interactions a consumer has with your brand; the entire customer journey. UX is actually a part of the CX journey as it focuses on the end-user, the person using the product or service.