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We’ve created solutions to make contact centres run more efficiently while empowering contact centre professionals.

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How it started

At Convai, we’ve spent 20 years thinking about how we can make contact centres run more efficiently before designing and delivering the solutions that the industry really needs. Our team is highly experienced in the game which means we are well-positioned to tackle common pain points while focusing on improving your contact centre processes.

“We are proud to have innovated a solution that finally brings complex natural language IVR into the reach of every contact centre no matter how large or small they may be.” “Our mission is to ensure the business themselves can truly own the caller experience rather than being tied to lengthy IT delivery cycles.”

Starting out as VeCommerce, we were one of the first organisations to build IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, also bringing natural language speech recognition into contact centres for the first time. We’ve since created a name in the marketplace for delivering high quality and highly functional speech solutions, removing the technical complexities which have traditionally restricted our solutions to the top end of town.

Our Team


Our Australian and New Zealand teams have developed Oration to eliminate the techie terms and deliver a solution that can be easily understood and used by the real end-user - the contact centre. By taking the solution out of the hands of IT teams and vendors, contact centre professionals themselves are now empowered with a toolkit to manage their entire contact centre efficiently, regardless of their technical knowledge or proficiency.

Our partners

Find out how we’ve partnered with some of the biggest players in the communications and technology sectors to transform how contact centres build and manage the caller experience.

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Our capabilities

Bringing together 20 years of industry experience, we can work with your contact centre to develop and implement a range of solutions that target your unique requirements and needs.

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