The future of conversational AI

Traditional contact centre call routing systems are no longer keeping customers and agents satisfied… enter a more intuitive and dynamic solution: Oration by Convai.

The future of conservational AI

Why the right contact centre solution matters

A contact centre is often the first point of contact between a company and its customers. In the past, contact centres relied on ‘old-world’ routing solutions to handle customer inquiries and complaints. While these solutions were effective to a certain extent, they had their limitations resulting in frustrated customers, longer wait times and lower customer satisfaction rates.

Today, ‘new world’ call routing solutions like Oration by Convai have revolutionised the contact centre industry, providing intelligent routing capabilities that offer a more personalised customer experience.

Where we have come from

old world_IVR Menus
Old world
Push Button IVR Menus
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new world_CX Platform
New world
Customer Experience Platforms
Instead of Push Button IVR Menus to navigate calls, Customer Experience (CX) Platforms allow businesses to create their own call flows using natural language recognition technology.
old world_ACD
Old world
Automatic Call Distribution
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new world_ICR
New world
Intelligent Call Routing
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides limited options in a call menu system. Today, Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) removes constraints on the number of options and uses caller intent to determine the best outcome.
old world_VR
Old world
Voice Recognition
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new world_Transcription
New world
Voice Recognition (VR) requires specialised knowledge and constant fine-tuning. Transcription capabilities are flexible and not constrained by set grammar or phrases.
old world_NLP
Old world
Natural Language Processing
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new world_NLU
New world
Natural Language Understanding
While Natural Language Processing (NLP) deals with the processing of human language by machines, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) focuses on enabling machines to understand human language more accurately and contextually.

Overview of how Oration works

Watch Oration in action to see how easy it is to use and how it can better manage the conversations in your contact centre operations.

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How AI-powered technology can help transform your contact centre

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Oration will:

Reduce average handling times
Identify and verify your callers
Increase uptake to self-service
Provide targeted banners
Facilitate a digital channel shift
Improve agent and customer engagement
Support speed to competency
Support speed to competency