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Advanced Speech Recognition Advanced Speech Recognition
Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) enables natural spoken language to be interpreted and converted into text, so it can be used to apply caller intents and extract information. Sophisticated language models understand uncommon words while users can tweak behaviour by adding words and phrases.
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C_icon_Features_Ongoing supervised learning Ongoing supervised learning
Oration’s ongoing supervised learning process means spending a few minutes each day mapping language to intents. By surfacing caller responses to an administrator, ongoing supervised learning helps the ASR system learn how best to match intents with the language used by callers.
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C_icon_Features_Intelligent-call-routing Intelligent call routing
With Intelligent Call Routing (ICR), the natural language of a caller is interpreted with Advanced Speech Recognition and used to determine an intent and next best action. ICR ensures huge volumes of calls received by contact centres are quickly matched to the right outcome every time.
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C_icon_Features_Contact-centre-agent-view Contact centre agent view
A caller’s spoken language will be interpreted, accurately converted to text, and presented to agents for viewing. With contact centre agents able to see what a caller has said before they pick up a call, they’re well prepared to quickly resolve queries without asking callers to repeat information.
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Graphical User Interface Dashboard Graphical User Interface Dashboard
Oration’s intuitive and straightforward Graphical User Interface Dashboard allows contact centres to build and manage different customer journeys and generate insightful reports on the entire call routing solution.
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C_icon_Features_Reporting-insights Reporting Insights
The Reporting Insights feature offered by Oration allows contact centre professionals to view and analyse call statistics to gain deeper insights such as top caller intents and AHT. Reporting insights can be used to influence changes to the customer experience.
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Customer Experience Platform Customer Experience (CX) Platform
Your Customer Experience (CX) platform brings together the agent telephony, CRM, and all the digital tools you need to interact with callers either via phone or chat, including workforce management tools and quality assurance tools to optimise agent performance and the customer journey.
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Voice Verification Voice Verification
By simply saying their account or phone number, customers can use their pre-enrolled voiceprint to securely access their account or self-service over the phone.
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Automated KYC Verification Automated KYC Verification
Oration can automatically ask and confirm identification questions without agent involvement and can integrate Voice Verification technology to match callers with their stored voiceprint.
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Transcription Transcription
Oration’s highly effective language model recognises customers’ natural language and creates an accurate transcription, so the correct intent is applied and key information is extracted.
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C_icon_Features_Identify Identify
The Identify feature saves valuable AHT in contact centres by performing the identification and verification of callers. Along with using typical verification questions, optional voice biometrics allow callers to be validated simply by saying their identity numbers, adding an extra layer of security and improving caller experience.
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