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We’ve partnered with leading brands in the communications and technology sectors to offer sophisticated solutions which empower contact centre professionals, improve operational efficiency and transform the caller experience.



Convai have partnered with AWS for over 2 years, marrying together 20 years of contact centre experience with the power of AWS AI and serverless technology to transform the way contact centres can define and manage their caller experience.

As an Advanced Tier Technology Partner Convai have brought together AWS Connect, Lambda, Transcribe, Lex, Polly, Dynamo DB, Cognito, Kinesis, API Gateway, and Cloudfront to create Oration – a true SaaS delivered contact centre call experience toolkit. Click on the logo below to view our AWS marketplace listing.

AWS Marketplace


Convai partners with CloudWave, an expert in building modern cloud contact centre solutions on both AWS and Twilio platforms. CloudWave, an advanced tier AWS solution partner, Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner and a Twilio Gold Partner, is a highly qualified team of dedicated engineering staff that makes them the perfect partner for customer experience projects. Working together, we can provide businesses with an unparalleled cloud-based contact centre experience.


Genesys AppFoundry

Convai and Genesys have worked together for over 20 years. The Genesys Cloud CX product is the perfect partner for Oration. The combination extends each platform's capabilities and enables rapid delivery of amazing customer experiences. This in turn, allows Convai to help its clients run their contact centre operations more efficiently and deliver faster resolutions.

The release of Oration on AppFoundry provides a fully automated integration and deployment of Oration for Genesys Cloud CX instances.


One New Zealand

Convai has partnered with One New Zealand for over 10 years bringing natural language and voice biometric solutions to the corporate and government sectors of New Zealand. Most recently we have entered into a strategic partnership to combine the strengths of our Oration product with the power of Cornerstone CX to create Voice Concierge.

Voice Concierge and Cornerstone CX provide the ideal solution for organisations that want to provide faster, simpler experiences for their customers while gaining valuable insights into what their customers are calling about.



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