Case study

Retail giant reduces AHT by 43% and automates 82% of customer calls

C_mockup_Retail giant reduces AHT by 43% and automates 82% of customer calls_AUG2023

Have issues managing multiple dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interactive voice response (IVR) systems? Seeing increased call wait times and a drop in customer satisfaction as a result?

This leading retailer had 60 different IVRs in operation and wanted to provide a single point of contact for customers, simplify call handling and reduce average handling times (AHT).

Oration was implemented as the single point of contact for all customer call queries and collaborated with their parent company, Probe CX, to develop an automated voice persona for easier customer identification processes.

The results?

  • 94% improvement to call routing - redirected to the right department in the right store
  • Calls about returns were deflected by 15%
  • Average handling times (AHT) reduced by 43%
  • Return queries decreased by 32%
  • 31% of calls were fully verified prior to being transferred to a live agent.

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