Retail giant reduces AHT by 43% and automates 82% of customer calls

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Oration was able to centralise multiple interactive voice response systems and improve call routing capabilities for a popular Australian retailer.



A leading Australian retailer with over 50 locations.


The client faced the challenge of managing multiple dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interactive voice response (IVR) systems, with a total of 60 IVRs in operation. This complicated their customer service processes and resulted in increased wait times and decreased customer satisfaction. To overcome this challenge, the client aimed to simplify their customer service operations, reduce queries regarding returns and provide a single point of contact for customers.

After implementing the initial solution, the client sought to further simplify call handling and reduce average handling times (AHT) by minimising unnecessary agent talk time during customer calls. The key questions were “How can we reduce the time taken to greet, locate an order and verify the customer?” and “How can we use technology to take on the common, non-value-adding call segments?”.


Convai implemented Oration as the single point of contact IVR for the client. Oration delivered an access strategy that captured intent and need, and provided expert knowledge and advice to provide the right solution and an unparalleled customer experience. Oration was easy to navigate while routing enquiries to the right person via the right channel each time. It also enabled self-serve solutions that proactively engaged customers and removed effort. This was achieved through incorporating Oration’s natural language call routing capabilities driven by its advanced AI-powered speech recognition technology and an SMS deflection strategy to offer seamless customer call experiences.

Convai collaborated with Genesys and Probe CX to develop an automated voice persona that asked customers questions to identify them and locate their order information. Oration searched for orders using the caller’s phone number, and those customers who provided an order number were asked to provide personal details. The persona then matched the caller’s responses to their order details to confirm their identity. Customers had to complete the ID check before being connected with an agent. The robot informed agents of the customer’s verification status through a screen pop.