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ACD to Intelligent Routing

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A key part of any contact centre is the process of routing calls to arrive at the best agent or resource to assist the caller. The key technology behind this process was the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) in combination with other technology like Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The traditional ACD and IVR combination could provide a caller with a limited set of options, typically in the form of a menu. The new approach removes the constraint on the number of options and allows callers to simply say anything - these responses are then mapped through to caller intents which are then delivered to the best resource to handle them - an agent, a voice banner, an option to receive an SMS, a self service option or even a change of channel to SMS or chat. The new approach uses all the available information including the caller’s intent to decide the outcome - hence the name Intelligent Routing.

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What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?

Automatic Call Distribution systems are not new. From the earliest iterations that asked callers to enter the extension they wanted to connect with, ACDs have been routing calls to the desired destination. The next evolution saw callers presented with a number of options as a menu and the caller presses 1, 2 or 3 accordingly. Oration has now redefined the ACD experience. By taking the latest generation of ACDs and enhancing them with the power of voice, we have effectively created ACD 2.0.


Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent call routing is the next generation of ACD technology, capable of delivering faster resolutions and creating a more efficient and cost-effective contact centre operation.

Automatic Call Distribution to Intelligent Routing

How does it work in a contact centre environment?

Calls arriving into the contact centre are handed to Oration by the ACD. Oration then uses Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) to interact naturally with the caller and work out the key caller intent. Oration’s logic then uses the caller intent and other information provided about the call from the ACD to determine the best place to handle the call. The call control is then returned back to the ACD to actually deliver the call to the agent. This enhanced ACD capability creates an Intelligent Routing experience and allows contact centres to build, control and manage their own call experience with one simple greeting – “How can we help you?” – the only trigger needed to start the caller journey. If a call is directed to an agent, their screen displays the conversation thus far so they can provide a swift and appropriate response. Instead of forcing the caller to repeat their query, it is a simple case of picking up the conversation and progressing the call as quickly as possible.

What makes Oration different?

By empowering the latest generation of ACDs such as Genesys Cloud and Amazon Connect with the power of voice, Oration automatically connects callers with the correct area or agent. It reduces unnecessary call transfers, prevents extended customer hold times and increases first-call resolution rates. Oration as an Intelligent Router is a powerful evolution of traditional ACDs, ensuring a faster, more efficient and cost-effective contact centre experience.

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Oration will:
  • Reduce average handling times
  • Increase uptake to self service
  • Provide targeted banners
  • Facilitate a digital channel shift
  • Improve agent and customer engagement
  • Support speed to competency

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