Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Oration's advanced IVR system is a game-changer for customer service.

Say goodbye to outdated touch-tone IVR solutions and hello to a personalised, intuitive and effortless conversation with Oration's cutting-edge AI-powered speech recognition technology.

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What is interactive voice response?

IVR is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. Traditional IVR systems use pre-recorded prompts and touch-tone keypads, but Oration takes it to the next level.

Oration uses advanced AI-powered speech recognition to recognise natural language inputs and respond accordingly. This means that callers can speak naturally, using their own words and phrases, and still get the information they need. For example, a customer might call a company and say "I'm having trouble with my internet" instead of using a pre-defined prompt or menu option. Oration's AI-powered speech recognition can understand the customer's intent and offer solutions specific to their issue.

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This intuitive approach to IVR not only improves the customer experience by making interactions more natural and conversational, but it also reduces the need for agents to handle routine calls, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues and improving overall contact centre efficiency.

How does it work in a contact centre environment?

IVR works in a contact centre environment by automating certain aspects of customer interactions, such as call routing and basic enquiries. With traditional IVRs, when a caller contacts a contact centre, they are prompted to choose from a menu of options using a touch-tone keypad or voice recognition. Based on the caller's selection, the IVR system can route the call to the appropriate agent or provide the caller with information or self-service options.

What makes Oration different?

In a traditional IVR system, callers are limited to pre-recorded prompts and specific menu options. However, with Oration's advanced AI-powered speech recognition, callers can speak naturally and still get the information they need. This means that the IVR can handle more complex inquiries and reduce the need for live agents to handle routine calls.

Oration's IVR system can also identify callers and their needs, based on their previous interactions with the contact centre. This allows the system to provide a personalised experience, offering relevant information and options to the caller.

Overall, IVR plays an important role in contact centre operations by improving efficiency and reducing the workload for agents. With Oration's advanced AI-powered speech recognition, IVR can provide a more intuitive and personalised experience for callers, leading to better customer satisfaction and improved contact centre performance.

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