Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU is the cutting-edge technology that enables machines to grasp human language intricacies, context and nuances.

Oration unlocks conversational intelligence with NLU capabilities.

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What is natural language understanding?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a field in language technology that's all about making machines better at understanding how humans talk. Unlike Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is mainly about getting machines to work with language, NLU is focused on making machines understand language intuitively and in the right context.

NLU uses smart computer techniques like deep learning to make sense of what people are saying during a conversation. This helps machines give more accurate and personal responses.

Unlike NLP, NLU can pick up on the little quirks of human language, like when we use sayings, sarcasm, slang or other tricky language. This makes talking to machines feel more natural and easy, like chatting with a friend.

What is natural language understanding What is natural language understanding

How does it work in a contact centre environment?

NLU is a form of AI that understands spoken or written words in a way that resembles human comprehension. It integrates advanced technologies like machine learning to create a model of human language. This means that the software can interpret a caller's intent by not just recognising keywords and phrases, but by truly understanding the language used around them.

What makes Oration different?

Oration’s NLU feature converts a person's natural spoken language into text, transcribing the audio seamlessly for use by software applications. This NLU functionality can be shared across both chatbot and voice implementations.

With Oration, you can pick and choose the best ASR engine for your use case, giving you peace of mind that your contact centre is up to date with the world’s best contact centre practices.

In addition, Oration's NLU also accurately transcribes a customer's initial response and provides verbatim to the agent before they pick up the call. This results in faster resolution times, improved personalisation and enhanced productivity in your call centre.

Oration combines NLU with simple supervised learning techniques which allow behaviours to be continually refined and adjusted – like giving the system hints by adding uncommon words to its vernacular. By knowing exactly what’s important in a caller’s spoken language and what isn’t, Oration can also be configured to carry out information extraction for a wide range of common data types such as a caller’s date of birth.

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