Product Update

Convai launches Oration 3.0

Convai announces the release of their latest product update: Oration 3.0.

Oration 3.0

Convai has released an updated version of its cloud-based contact centre plugin: Oration 3.0. Since Oration 2.1.1 was released in March 2021, there have been monthly feature releases that dramatically extend the capabilities, look and feel of Oration.

The key changes from Oration 2.1.1 to Oration 3.0 include:

  • The redesign of the graphical user interface: navigate quicker and easier with fewer clicks. Increased screen real estate for the information you want to see. Menus have been removed and replaced with an icon bar on the left.
  • Creation of sub-flows: easily re-use common flows from different areas of the main flow and reduce clutter by separating groups of actions into sub-flows.
  • Additional actions:
    • Lookup table: interact with complex data to make business logic decisions.
    • Webform action: callers are sent a link to a webform to be completed while they are on the call to capture additional information.
    • Accept terms and conditions action: callers are sent a link to view and agree to terms and conditions.
  • Updated existing features:
    • Simulator: add the ability to mock attributes to simulate more scenarios.
    • Photo uploads: add the ability to capture multiple photos and now defaults to DTMF to cancel.
    • Barcode scanning: add the ability to capture and read barcodes or QR codes.
    • Store locator: add a Force Transfer option and a Place Format option to add extra information to improve lookup results.
  • Updated integration features:
    • SIEM integration: provides security and event information.
    • SCIM 2.0 integration: extends user management for cloud applications.

Leading up to the release of Oration 3.0, Convai added the following features:

The new version also integrates partner platforms such as Genesys, Nice, Dialogflow and Twilio. New actions such as 'set action', 'branch action' and 'deflection actions' are also available. Simulator extensions include automated testing and regression testing. SMS and text-to-speech integration were also upgraded.


“We have worked closely with our partners, re-sellers, existing clients and new prospects to ensure our roadmap has prioritised features that make a real difference. Oration 3.0 is that difference.”